Liv & Lov Anniversary

Birthday Resolutions/ Leaving for South East Asia!

August 28, 2015

Around my birthday I tend to get reflective. I look at that as a start to a new year, rather than the calendar's. And it is also Liv & Lov's official birthday! So here is my resolution. It's a big one as this one is 27. And 27 has been one of my favorite numbers since I can remember. So obviously it will have to be the best ;). It will be a year of risk for Liv & Lov (for without it there is no reward) and making opportunities. Taking those trips, smelling those roses and NO excuses. So here I am about to depart to South East Asia & working towards living the lifestyle to Liv & Lov!

As above design and quality craftsmanship, Liv & Lov is about a lifestyle. Living your life to the fullest while doing good. We never know how much time we have and no matter what it is always too short to waste it because of insecurities or fear. Liv is an ode to: Confidence in the midst of self doubt & Courage in the midst of fear.

Because honestly the only person that determines your strength is you. As I strive to follow this myself, I look forward to sharing that journey with you this year and hope that reminder will help you in living your life to the fullest & achieving your goals too!

Liv & Lov always!



Shots- Check! Bags packed and ready for Asia!