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Liv & Lov by Dora Szekely

All pieces are designed and handcrafted by the artist and idealistic doer, Dora Szekely, in her Rhode Island studio. Entering her 20th year of jewelry making, her work has evolved to include material sourcing activism with the goal of creating:

Jewelry with a Beautiful Story from the Earth to your Hand

Liv & Lov is Dora’s personal motto. Liv: Go for it! Follow your dreams & Lov: Do so with compassion for others and the environment. It is a sentiment she strives to follow and encourages others to as well.

With this philosophy, I believe as a silversmith and jeweler I have a particular responsibility towards where my my metal comes from. Did you know metal mining pollutes water, harms the environment and is one of the most dangerous jobs?

There are 25 million artisanal and small scale miners (ASM), with 150 million indirectly dependent. Of that number, 15 million are focused on gold. These numbers are rising with the current metal market.

40% of global Mercury pollution is from ASM and 15% from Large Scale Mining= 55%. Mercury damages the central nervous system. That means irreversible brain damage.

My goal is to help develop ethical and ecological metal mining alternatives that are good from the source, for miners and the environment. Starting by helping with the current Fairtrade and Fairmined gold initiatives while developing silver. Read more on our Blog here and in the recent SO RI magazine article, “Locally Made, Globally Minded Jewelry”