Liv & Lov pieces are made with FAIRMINED Sterling Silver when possible and Recycled Sterling Silver when not. We are pleased to have worked ONLY in FM Sterling Silver in 2016. Findings not handcrafted, such as chain, are made from recycled silver in the USA by a family owned company.

Yellow and White Gold is offered as Recycled 10K, 14K or 18K or FAIRMINED 14K or 18K on request. 

All stones are genuine and natural gemstones. 

All Gemstones sourced straight from the Mines and/ or Country of origin are available for Custom Work only, as each is one of a kind and our latest sourcing is of a very rare gem. Please contact Dora directly to set up an appointment to view what is available. 


We are converting ALL of our materials to ethically, ecologically & directly sourced ones. Every material will have its story listed and those that aren't fully traceable (recycled, for example) will be listed as such.

What does this mean?

EVERY material used in each handcrafted piece will be bought directly from the miners when we can, or at least know who mined it and we will know EVERY step of the supply chain. Full traceability allows us to know each step in that supply chain pays just wages, empowers workers, supports the community, and respects the environment. Our preference and ideal is worker owned cooperatives and zero toxic chemicals.


Because we as Americans are the largest jewelry consumers and WE have the ability to either continue to be blind to the devastation OR change it! The global market has been a "race to the bottom" in the attempt to lower all costs- with jewelry materials this has led to the destruction of the environment, wasteful using of precious water, water pollution, dangerous labor conditions, modern day slavery, and immense poverty in the countries who are the most resource rich. How we source can change this. Knowing each step of where our materials come from and creating new relationships with the producers allows us to choose to protect our environment and EMPOWER producers while alleviating poverty.


Sourcing materials from those whose work directly benefits the local population and community- artisanal and small scale miners (ASM). They mine for themselves and their families off of their native land.

There are two initiatives certifying and connecting gold ASM (artisanal and small scale miners) to the market: Fairtrade and Fairmined. Currently Fairmined is in the US market, hopefully soon Fairtrade will be too! Gemstones are a larger list, a few are on Ethical Metalsmiths' website (also a great resource and organization for ethical jewelers and you can source gold through their Ethical Sourcing Consortium!)

For us? Going there directly! Dora Szekely, the designer and silversmith has been researching and connecting with organizations working with these miners and looks forward to discovering new ones while visiting. 

"Right now, this business allows me to combine my two passions and further my largest dream to combat poverty through just, direct supply chains for every material used, starting with the overlooked metal supply chain. 

For me, certification is a way to let customers buy with assurance of the conditions, but I believe in relationships, meeting the miners and them me and understanding their process in person. I hope to share with you their story while on my first trip!" Learn more on our Ring Campaign page and Blog! 

As a small company we believe in supporting artisanal miners, local people who work for themselves, gemstone cutters and small family owned businesses. The time involved in creating the relationship is longer, but it is a mutually beneficial relationship where we know each other and truly care for each others well being.

We are one small step towards the global market becoming based on environmental stewardship, respect and relationships. Thank you for your support as we continue living this dream!

Want to learn more? Read our Blog and/ or contact Dora