For $24 you will support our conversion to Fairmined certified silver and traceable stones AND receive one of the FIRST rings made in the USA from our first sourcing!

Step 1 for changing silver's story to a beautiful one! 

This ring will be handmade in the USA from silver that is ethically mined and directly sourced from a mining cooperative in Peru. With this meaningful purchase you will receive a piece of ethical & ecological material sourcing history that supports the miners, their families, communities and future eco-fair silver development.

Never heard of a company trying to convert to all directly sourced silver? That's because no one has.

Let's lead the way for others and make history.

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Become a Silver Soldier- The Silver Ring
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*Silver is sourced!!!! Rings will be made and shipped out two weeks after you place your order*

Don't know your ring size? Check out and then check it with a ruler and measure it with stats from the chart above!

Add note for special size OR email me for the ring as a necklace on a recycled silver chain! 


A ring, a symbol, a dream. 

The Silver Ring's story...

In June 2013, I began to embrace what may become my lifelong role to work towards ethical and ecological metal extraction and connecting artisanal and small scale miners to producers in the USA. Years prior, while still in school, I thought why can't silver and metals be fair trade? In June, on the day I decided to start my path and turn that dream into a reality, I placed a simple, silver ring on my finger. There was no ceremony to this, or much thought, just a reminder and a promise to myself and my vision. Its the one piece I have never taken off. It serves as my reminder that currently there is no way to know where the silver to create a ring comes from, or in what conditions it was mined. And a symbol of my dream that one day I would and it's story would finally become a beautiful one not just for Liv & Lov, but for the world.

Read about the issues with metal mining and why this is so radical. And why recycled isn't enough here

I've been researching and connecting with efforts to better mining practices and connect ASM and am now ready to learn, source and start my journey on the ground. With your help, I will source silver and take my first trip to South America for preliminary research to meet some of the co-ops undergoing Fairmined and Fairtrade gold certification and find out how many also produce silver! My initial goal of 20 to 50 rings will allow me to source silver for Liv & Lov. This trip, this sourcing, with your purchase, marks the beginning of a dream that most thought impossible starting to come true. 

I've thought a lot about what to first make with this silver and then I looked at my hand and the one piece of jewelry I have never taken off. My answer was found. I realized in offering this before I leave and during this trip, I could also share this journey with you and thank you for your support by making a piece from our first shipment that resembles that reminder, promise and with that simple, universal symbol, remind us that we are all connected. 

I also wanted to make a piece that would be affordable for all and still truly support this effort. The rings are $24, $26 oxidized, and if it is preferred as a necklace, will be $40 with a recycled silver chain, directly sourced silver chain TBD. Orders will be taken starting now and will be delivered after I return and can create them after the silver is converted into sterling and then wire. With this purchase you will support a historical step in ethical & ecological jewelry material sourcing and my dream. And you will have a piece made of silver from certified silver from a mining cooperative to the USA. In addition, I will be sending you images and stories of this journey and the start of a beautiful story for the earth and the people who are the true source of my jewelry. 

This is the beginning of a sustainable trade that empowers workers while alleviating poverty, the start to cooperatively run ethical and ecological silver mining and a global market based on relationships. With this ring, you and Liv & Lov will start the journey together for silver in the USA.


            What will the proceeds allow?

            20 to 50 RINGS= 20= First Sourcing! 50= for the year! Update: Initial goal is Complete!!!

            200 RINGS= Flight + 1 month of research

            350 RINGS= 1 month of research + our first direct sourcing of silver

            Over 350= Future research and work! 


From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for sharing this journey with me. 


P.S. don't forget to add your email to the order so I can share with you my progress and we can experience this journey together!