My Engagement Ring

I know, I know. You're probably thinking what about the ENGAGEMENT RING?!? 

Being as perfect of a partner as he is, he knew how important it would be to me to have a piece that encompassed the same goals and values Liv & Lov has- a piece that was 100% traceable and ethical: "A Beautiful Story from the Earth to your Hand". We'll be sourcing the materials for my ring directly- starting with the stone. From the country we both fell in love with last year (and the stone that encompasses the country's spirit of hope and love that stole my heart)- YES! We're heading back to CAMBODIA!

Our journey starts November 2nd (Yep, less than a week away- eek!)

P.S. There's exciting news for you too! Cambodia has a great number of INCREDIBLE gemstones, so looking for a ethical custom piece straight from this magical place? Whether you'd also like this unbelievable rare blue gem or others- like Aquamarine and Amethyst- let me know! More details to follow tomorrow!

I hope you'll follow along <3 <3<3<ghfghgf<f

I'll be posting our journey on Here, Facebook & Instagram!